Meet Cyr

Project Manager, Content Creator, Photographer, and All-Around Good Egg


We’d like to introduce the newest member of our team to those of you who haven’t met her. Cyr is the new hub of communication and organization at Hound. She brings experience from renowned NYC photography studios, and more importantly, she’s an absolute blast to work with. Without further adieu, some Q&A:


Where Do You Come From?

As the story goes, I was spawned from the depths of the Pacific Ocean under the Piscean moon in the spring of 1986. But I couldn’t Mowgli my way into the dolphin pack so I had to ride the swells to the shoreline of Huntington Beach, California. I continued to ping pong between CA and New York for the next 27 years.


What is your favorite pie?

Nostalgically: Strawberry Rhubarb. My grams used to make me pick/saw down her neighbors rhubarb plant when I was little for the pie. It was my least favorite chore- couldn’t stand the taste of it. Now it’s in my top three… but

Truly: Salted Honey from Four&Twenty Blackbirds in Brooklyn, NY


What is the coolest job you’ve ever had?

In all fairness, this question only applies to my life before last Monday. This is tough. I’m going with my stint at River Cafe & Cheese Shop while I was going to school in Santa Cruz. My job was to let people try any cheese they wanted. Over 85 types. One for you, one for me, all day long. Yep, Unofficial Cheesemonger… nbd.


Why did you join the Beard & Hound team?

They let me! Also, I like the way my brain works when I see brilliant design and branding. Photography had always been my creative outlet of choice, but since living in NYC, I started to take note of how internationally recognized brands used photography. An image can only go so far without smart logo design, color palette, type and graphics. It’s an equation that the gang at Hound clearly understand and aren’t afraid to explore. I wanted to be a part of that process. Plain & simple.


Do you have any hidden talents?



What do you like to do outside of the office?

Pack up the Bronco with a couple of buddies, a camera and a tent… Head west on Cascade Lakes Highway, and go back to never- never land.


Chicken or fish?

FISH. The more raw the better.


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  1. kaycee says:

    Absolute Good Egg! Such a Babe! You are lucky, you houndy-beards. <3

    1. Chris Hall says:

      VERY lucky!

  2. Marie Phillis says:

    Kristina’s energy is both contagious and inspiring. Watch out it explodes often in a magnificent brilliance!
    Sounds to meet like a great fit! congratulations to you both :p)

  3. Cyr, my dear: talented photographer, fashion icon, friend who always makes me smile with spontaneous singing, positive energy and creative geniousity (new word?!). She is a steadfast friend and the truest egg you will ever find. Congrats on hiring her!!! You scored.

  4. Miss Denise Marie says:

    Just look at her! Isn’t she adorable? Cyr is the all around good-est egg I know! Smart, talented, funny, fun, charming, gorgeous, sincere, committed, energetic, reliable – and that’s just for starters. I am beyond sure that Cyr will add a creative dimension to Hound that will amaze and delight both her colleagues and her clients. Plus, she makes a mean margarita, she knows how to yodel (OK–I made that up), and she’s a kick-ass hiker. What more could you ask? It’s a proverbial “match made in heaven,” which I realize is an overworked maxim, but I can’t think of a better, more creative phrase to describe this union. (Hmmm. I might need the services of Beard and Hound to write this testimonial.) Congrats to all of you!