From Idea to Iconic

A Full-Service Creative Agency



Using targeted research, a cultivated aesthetic, and a swig or two of bravery, we build brand cultures that sing like Bowie: into the ether, sans flinching, with a glitter-bolt across the face.

A Strategic Branding, Web Design, and Advertising Agency in Bend, Oregon.

Hound is a boutique creative agency based in Downtown Bend, Oregon. First and foremost, we’re consultants and strategists who work alongside clients to align brand and business goals. And when vision shifts to execution, we’re fully equipped to create beautiful designs and engaging campaigns spanning all customer touch points.

Branding, web design, graphic design, photography, advertising, and marketing are just a few of the items in our toolbox.

Simply stated, we offer complete solutions that connect your brand with your customers in a meaningful way.

Visually speaking…  we design logos, ad campaigns, letterhead, websites, marketing plans, content strategies, business cards, brochures, banners, email campaigns, displays, product packaging, branded swag, chicken coops and kitchen sinks. We write copy. We shoot photos.  But we don’t stop there.

Our agency offers a comprehensive suite of marketing, advertising, and web design services to ensure that your brand is well leveraged.

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We were lucky enough to poach Kelly from a big fancy agency in a rainy city with a skewered UFO in the middle of it. She can rock a layout or frame…

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