4 Reasons High Quality Images Are Vital to Good Branding

When a company sets out to brand themselves, images, along with written content, can often be found at the bottom of the list of priorities that demand time and investment. Based on the importance of first impressions and the prominence of content marketing, images should really be at the top of that list. Here are 4 reasons why focusing on top grade photographs, videos and infographics will be beneficial and effective.


Images speak louder – Just about everyone has heard the phrase, images speak louder than words. That is because it’s true. A single image can relay all sorts of information, sometimes even subconsciously, faster than a person can read the same information. Along with a message, images can also help translate a brands identity. The fact that most customers only skim a majority of written content makes this even more important to consider. A thought out, well-placed image might be your one shot to relay the message you are seeking to communicate.


Visual content commands attention – Our eyes are usually drawn towards bold images before anything else. Therefore, it makes sense that the images you choose won’t only communicate, they can also act as a guide. Image selection and placement can be used to lead a person through your website in a tactical way. For instance, if you have a call to action or service you want to highlight, using an image to do this can have more impact.


Social media is image centric – As it was just mentioned, images capture attention, and that is exactly what makes them so important on social media platforms. To opt out of, or not think through the images that are used here, is to miss out on a lot of opportunity to attract your ideal clients and customers. Some social media channels require images, like Instagram and Pinterest, but they make a big difference on Facebook and Twitter as well. Bottom line: share imagery more often and you will likely see your following grow.


Broader reach – Visual content on social media doesn’t only attract people, it also engages them. According to research, written content that is paired with images, including photographs, videos, memes and infographics, are much more likely to be linked to and shared. The more your content is shared, the more people will see it and the more customers you will reach.


To be fair, not everyone is a photographer or graphic designer. If you are, and you have confidence in your skills then that can be a huge asset. But if not, there are plenty of alternative sources. Hiring a branding agency, freelance graphic designer or photographer are excellent options. These professionals know how to get the job done efficiently, so you can focus your energy elsewhere and still reap the benefits.



Photo Credit: Cyr Photographic

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