Society West

Interior Design

Your space matters. A home is more than just a place to exist— it’s a place to share with friends and family, a place to relax, and an extension of your personality. It’s a place to make and share memories. From throw pillows to blueprint new builds, we’re experts at aligning your unique functional needs with creative, cohesive design that’s terrifically you. Society West provides comprehensive and à la carte interior design services to homeowners and builders in Central Oregon.

We provided a brand identity based around a delicate, elegant, geometric logo painted in gold and gray Pantones. We followed up with a beautiful long-scroll web design featuring video background (complete with spinning color wheel) and bright white mat around the edges to add a to the “designer” look.

Additionally, we provide ongoing marketing support to Society West including  print collateral provided digital and content marketing support.

Take chances. Be brave. Make it personal.