Meet Kevin Mooney

Kev’s our producer and our tech guru, too. He’s an ex web dude who has a knack for making stuff happen, and a personality as big as his beard. Here’s the skinny on this guy:


1. If you were a vehicle, what would it be?. 

I’d be that cool wagoneer thing from the Great Outdoors movie. You know, the one that John Candy drove. It was one of the cool things from the ’80s. I like to think that I’m a cool thing from the ’80s too.  Of course, that’s highly debatable.


2.  You have some really weird tattoos. Tell me about your favorite.

It’s the lady goat for sure. She doesn’t have a name yet, which is kind of strange because we go everywhere together. I’ve got to work that out.










3. What do you want people to know about the work we do at Hound?

It’s kind of funny for me to say this since I’m called the producer and all… But it’s really not just about making “things” here. We don’t just “make websites” or billboards or banner ads or whatever the thing is. Strategy and creative are really what drives everything we make, so we’re really all about the process. That’s what gets results.


4. [Kevin says] “Ask me a movie question”… Fine. Superbad or Mean Girls?

Superbad. But Mean Girls will always have a place in my heart (laughs). But you can’t beat the adolescent jokes in Superbad.


5. What’s the strangest thing you’ve ever eaten?

One time in China, my host offered me a 100-year-old fermented egg. So of course, I ate it (duh). It has the consistency of Jello but surprisingly it didn’t taste too bad.


6. Speaking of food, should a hotdog be considered sandwich?

It’s meat inside of a bun. As far as I’m concerned that’s a sandwich.


7. You’re a pretty motivated person. What is it that drives you in the office?

Money… fast cars… diamond rings… I can’t remember the rest. No really, I just like grinding and I always have to be learning something new. And I like winning. I like to see clients win. Speaking of motivation… I’m getting cooked. Are we almost done?


8. Ok last one then. What’s your Tinder handle?

(laughs) SilentButDeadly. No don’t put that (laughs). Why are we doing this? You can’t even search Tinder.

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