Meet Clara Smith

Clara is both a design boss and a masterful illustrator/artist. Her design work combines her artistic ability, often incorporating hand-drawn illustrations with digital applications, creating a balance between multiple design mediums. You’ve also gotta watch out for this gal, as she has an elusive penchant for sneaking up with some super dry wit when you least expect it. Here’s some get-to-know-ya on her:


 1. Describe your favorite memory involving tacos. 

My favorite memory was probably last year during the giant snowstorm when we got like 2ft of snow in 24hours. My boyfriend and I walked through the blizzard to Parrilla to get fish tacos when we ran out of food. It was dumping snow and you could barely see anything but when we finally got there, that first bite of tacos was probably the best bite I thought I’ve ever had. I couldn’t feel my toes, fingers, or face, but that taco was damn good.


2. If you could teleport to anywhere, where would you go?

I’d probably go to Japan. I was actually in a Japanese immersion program from kindergarten through high school and I’ve been to Japan three times throughout my school years. Although I’ve already been, I’d really love to visit again and enjoy real Asian food (something Bend seriously lacks).


3. If animals could have brand representation, which one would be your dream client?

I think a dog would be my dream client. Anything you do makes them happy, they never ask for more unless it’s food-related, and they just love that you’re hanging out with them. Plus if they ever get upset, just give ’em a cookie and all is well again.


4. Who or what influences your style most?

I’d call my style “comfy cowboy.” Most times you can find me in jeans, boots, a big silver buckle belt, a sweatshirt or Carhartt jacket, and of course a bunch of turquoise rings. Also often accompanied by lots of dog and horsehair from my animals that escaped the lint roller.


5. If you were running for political office, what would your campaign slogan be?

Considering I already have a small personal campaign, I would probably have to stick with my good ole “All Chaps Are Assless” slogan I currently represent. In terms of my political run, I think it would demonstrate that I’m a no-nonsense kinda person who strives to share the truth with the public. *Which if you city slickers don’t already know, save yourself from embarrassment and remember: All Chaps Are Assless. Tell your friends.


6. What are you most scared of the next generation losing in terms of the digital world?

I’m most scared of people losing patience. Nowadays everything is almost instant (well maybe not for Bend since our wifi sucks – step it up people) but for most people, you can get anything with a click of a button. Not to sound like an old man with a “back in my day” quote… but actually… when I was a kid you had to wait for things like your mom to get off the phone so you could go on the computer or waiting for the actual time a show was going to air on tv. Little things like that teach kids patience and that you don’t instantly get whatever you want.


7. If you were to wake up tomorrow as Kim Kardashian, what is the first thing you would do?

To be honest, I’m not a big fan of Kim Kardashian, so I’d probably just take all her money, use a little bit to pay off student loans and then give the rest to charity. She doesn’t need all that money.

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