Meet Chris Hall

A lot of you may already know Chris, but how well do you really know him? I sat down with the mastermind behind Hound for a laid-back Q&A session to lay some really important personal (and professional) details out on the table…


1. Why did you decide to start Hound?

The hound isn’t technically a hound, but I’m not into being literal about stuff like that. It’s a border collie. We’re a lot alike.

But seriously… It’s left brain/right brain work. I like learning about what makes businesses tick and having the opportunity to project that through our campaigns.


2. If there was one movie you were to star in, what would it be?

The Blues Brothers, as the third brother. Those guys knew how to get sh** done at all costs.


3. What Era do you most identify with?

These are hard questions. I’ll go Postwar though. Things were still made out of real metal and real wood. I like the music, the cars, the typefaces from that time. Seems like things were pretty carefree then, and a lot of things were moving in the right direction.


4. Where’s home?

Indiana. I’m still a die-hard Notre Dame football fan, but I really didn’t belong there. Colorado and Oregon have both been a better fit.


5.   Favorite font:

Futura. What’s that? You’re looking at it.


6. If you were to rebrand a country, which one would it be?

I’d have to go with the United States.  The first thing I’d do is ditch all of the Bald Eagle stuff. That’s because my pet duck got eaten by one a couple weeks ago.  True story.


7. Dream food cart:

It would be cool if the guy who sells Philly Cheesesteaks right outside of our door didn’t charge $9. He’d get my vote if he could get down to $6.50.


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