Meet Anna Ropalo

Illustrator, Designer, and Fruit MacGyver


We convinced Anna to make the leap to the sunny side of the Cascades, despite Portland’s amazing design community and endless opportunities for inspiration. This gal is uber-talented, is proficient in everything from complex hand illustrations to javascript, and becomes progressively funnier each day you spend with her. Here’s a lil’ Q+A:


 1. Describe your favorite memory involving watermelon. 

My friends and I took a trip to the coast and took a watermelon along with us, but nothing to cut it with. I had a ruler with me and proceeded to chop away…it was a difficult 30 minutes and we all ended up with chunks that barely resembled anything edible.

2. Spill the beans sister… what brought you to working with the Hound gang?

They made me take a psychopath test and I passed. Okay, the test was completely voluntary, but still..

3. If you were given the task of designing a decade, what would it be?

The 1920’s – it was a decade of geometry and appreciation of an architectural approach to design, along with a contrasting burst of art nouveau and resurgence of natural elements. Absolutely beautiful and timeless.

4. Who or what influences your style most?

Old things. I love recycling design from previous eras and bringing it into a contemporary light. Patterns, illustrations, typography, color palettes – everything is fair game.

5. If you were running for political office, what would your campaign slogan be?

“You seem like someone with many regrets. This probably won’t be one.”

6. What are you most scared of the next generation losing in terms of the digital world?

Being able to communicate. With all the wonderful innovation technology brings, it also takes away our ability for proper human-to-human interaction.

7. If you were to wake up tomorrow as Kayne West, what is the first thing you would do?

Probably cry. Then ask people for money on Twitter.



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