Kelly Wendels

Designer, Illustrator, West Coast Rider 
Kelly Wendels, Designer, Hound Creative Agency

Brought up in American’s high five, Kelly spent five years in the great white north of the U.P. enjoying pasties and perfecting pixels before heading west to the Emerald City. While riding and designing on the west coast she mustered up experience working as the primary designer for an outdoor lifestyle company then moved on, designing for a world-wide agency.

After a few years of gloom and glam in Seattle, Kelly packed up her dog, her dude, tossed out the rain boots, and headed south for the sunshine of Central Oregon.

Kelly finds happiness in weekends full of all things with two wheels, Futura, and a hefty supply of gif creation.

After a few years of gloom, glam, and designing for a worldwide agency in Seattle, Kelly headed for the sunshine of Central Oregon