Where’s The Beard?

The short answer is that it’s still here, and unruly as ever. But if you’re reading this, I’ll make the assumption that your curiosity extends beyond literal implications. Beard & Hound Creative is now Hound Creative Agency. Hound for short. And let me tell you, lopping a word or two off of your business name …

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Anna Ropalo Hound Creative Agency

Meet Anna Ropalo

Illustrator, Designer, and Fruit MacGyver   We convinced Anna to make the leap to the sunny side of the Cascades, despite Portland’s amazing design community and endless opportunities for inspiration. This gal is uber-talented, is proficient in everything from complex hand illustrations to javascript, and becomes progressively funnier each day you spend with her. Here’s …

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4 Reasons High Quality Images Are Vital to Good Branding

When a company sets out to brand themselves, images, along with written content, can often be found at the bottom of the list of priorities that demand time and investment. Based on the importance of first impressions and the prominence of content marketing, images should really be at the top of that list.…

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content marketing

8 Ways To Step Up Your Content Marketing Game

It is no secret that content marketing is the most effective way to reach and retain customers. Newsletters, direct mail, blogs and social media platforms, when utilized correctly, allow you to reach a broader audience, connect with other experts in your industry, and establish trust within your ideal client market. Unfortunately, being a broad topic, …

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Chris Hall Hound Creative Agency

Meet Chris Hall

A lot of you may already know Chris, but how well do you really know him? I sat down with the mastermind behind Beard & Hound for a laid-back Q&A session to lay some really important personal (and professional) details out on the table…   1. Why did you decide to start Beard + Hound? The beard started in …

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Meet Cyr :: Hound Creative Agency

Meet Cyr

Project Manager, Content Creator, Photographer, and All-Around Good Egg   We’d like to introduce the newest member of our team to those of you who haven’t met her. Cyr is the new hub of communication and organization at Beard & Hound. She brings experience from renowned NYC photography studios, and more importantly, she’s an absolute …

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copywriter Bend Oregon

7 Reasons to Hire a Professional Copywriter

Content will either engage your potential clients and keep them coming back for more or have them quickly moving on to the next best thing. Your business’s website, blog and various social media accounts will be the first impression your clients have of your business, so it is vital that the content there is all …

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Pronghorn Graphic Design Hound Creative Agency

Polygon Graphic Design

We recently featured Double Exposure as a design style surging in popularity. As we round the corner into 2016, it’s safe to say that geometric graphic design, and specifically polygon art, is another style that will continue to continue to rise in popularity for the foreseeable future.…

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