Meet Clara Smith

Clara is both a design boss and a masterful illustrator/artist. Her design work combines her artistic ability, often incorporating hand-drawn illustrations with digital applications, creating a balance between multiple design mediums. You’ve also gotta watch out for this gal, as she has an elusive penchant for sneaking up with some super dry wit when you …

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Meet Kevin Mooney

Kev’s our producer and our tech guru, too. He’s an ex web dude who has a knack for making stuff happen, and a personality as big as his beard. Here’s the skinny on this guy:   1. If you were a vehicle, what would it be?.  I’d be that cool wagoneer thing from the Great …

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Studio Kane Photography Studio by Hound Creative Agency

New Digs: Our Daylight Photography Studio

We’re excited to share that we’ve just put the finishing touches on our new daylight photography studio. Dubbed Studio Kane after our beloved O’Kane Building in Downtown Bend, this space opens up a ton of opportunities for Hound, our clients, and fellow creatives in Bend.…

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Where’s The Beard?

The short answer is that it’s still here, and unruly as ever. But if you’re reading this, I’ll make the assumption that your curiosity extends beyond literal implications. Beard & Hound Creative is now Hound Creative Agency. Hound for short. And let me tell you, lopping a word or two off of your business name …

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Kelly Wendels, Designer, Hound Creative Agency

Meet Kelly Wendels

We were lucky enough to poach Kelly from a big fancy agency in a rainy city with a skewered UFO in the middle of it. She can rock a layout or frame animation like nobody’s business, but that’s only part of the reason she fits right in around here. Here’s an exclusive interview to help paint the picture.…

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4 Reasons High Quality Images Are Vital to Good Branding

When a company sets out to brand themselves, images, along with written content, can often be found at the bottom of the list of priorities that demand time and investment. Based on the importance of first impressions and the prominence of content marketing, images should really be at the top of that list.…

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content marketing

8 Ways To Step Up Your Content Marketing Game

It is no secret that content marketing is the most effective way to reach and retain customers. Newsletters, direct mail, blogs and social media platforms, when utilized correctly, allow you to reach a broader audience, connect with other experts in your industry, and establish trust within your ideal client market. Unfortunately, being a broad topic, …

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Chris Hall Hound Creative Agency

Meet Chris Hall

A lot of you may already know Chris, but how well do you really know him? I sat down with the mastermind behind Hound for a laid-back Q&A session to lay some really important personal (and professional) details out on the table…   1. Why did you decide to start Hound? The hound isn’t technically a hound, but I’m …

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