Four Services A Branding Agency Provides That You Probably Didn’t Know About

Video shoot in progress for client Cody Hughes of Dwellist


The go-to services people often think of when looking to hire a branding agency are basics, such as website design and a custom logo. While these offerings are important, the variety of other services that professional branding agencies can provide shouldn’t be overlooked.


Clients can hire a branding agency to assist with everything from creating brand-related imagery and establishing a web presence to overseeing ongoing brand development and content strategy. Doing all of this work through one agency creates cohesion throughout your brand, ensuring that your message and overall aesthetic work together harmoniously.


Here are four services offered by branding agencies often get overlooked but really shouldn’t.


Advertising – Developing and implementing an advertising strategy should be done thoughtfully. There are a lot of options out there and it can get overwhelming, but lucky for you branding agencies are all-around experts. A branding agency will ensure that your brand is popping up right where your target audience expects to find you and that you aren’t overspending to make all of this happen.


Art Direction – Keeping a brand aesthetic consistent is easier to do when it is managed by a branding expert. They already know your brand intimately and therefore understand exactly what is or is not needed when it comes to photography, videography and graphic design. Branding agencies have connections to local or in-house artists and designers, ensuring that always you get quality work. They can also help you plan where all media will be used before it is even created. With a branding agency, all art production is efficient and it makes sense.


Brand messaging and content strategy – Creating the visual media for a brand is important, but the written content holds just as much value. The two work together. Branding agencies work with in-house or freelance professional copywriters who will help you put out content that is on brand and that shares the right message consistently. This includes your website pages, social media platforms and blog posts. Anything your business puts out into the world will be engaging and error free, and most importantly it will be streamlined to match your brand and to attract your target audience.


Website and Ecommerce development – It is well known that branding agencies usually offer website design, but it doesn’t have to stop there. They can also assist with setting up Ecommerce for your business and provide an overall plan for future improvement and development as your business grows. You will be changing and adapting to the market with the help of branding professionals that already understand your business and who can help you continue to charge on in the right direction.


Cohesion and quality work throughout your brand are too important to ignore. For all aspects of brand marketing, development and engagement, branding agencies just know how to get it done.


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