Double Exposure

Old Trick, New Tools


Double exposure is an old photographic technique in which one image was exposed on top of another. Back in the day, manual wind cameras were the usual tool of choice, but these days Adobe Photoshop makes the whole thing a lot easier.


Recently, double exposure has become a popular graphic design style, finding it’s way into website design, graphic design projects, digital marketing and social media campaigns, print collateral, and more. Aside from it’s inherent visual interest, double exposure allows the artist or designer a creative way to include an additional visual layer to tell the story of their (often human) subject.


What do we do when there are a few minutes to kill? Mess around with Photoshop, of course. But this time, feeling weary of funny cat memes, we decided to experiment with double exposure.


If you’re a Photoshop enthusiast yourself, a quick YouTube search will yield plenty of nice double exposure tutorials.  This is one of them.


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