Kelly Wendels, Designer, Hound Creative Agency

Meet Kelly Wendels

We were lucky enough to poach Kelly from a big fancy agency in a rainy city with a skewered UFO in the middle of it. She can rock a layout or frame animation like nobody’s business, but thatR…

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Chris Hall Hound Creative Agency

Meet Chris Hall

A lot of you may already know Chris, but how well do you really know him? I sat down with the mastermind behind Hound for a laid-back Q&A session to lay some really important personal (and profess…

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Hound Creative Agency Joins 1% For the Planet

Hound Creative Joins 1% for the Planet

The natural world is something that has shaped the lives our the of our staff, and is a catalyst to much of the inspiration and creative energy that goes into our work. We are fortunate to live, work…

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