Meet Clara Smith

Clara is both a design boss and a masterful illustrator/artist. Her design work combines her artistic ability, often incorporating hand-drawn illustrations with digital applications, creating a balanc…

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Meet Kevin Mooney

Kev’s our producer and our tech guru, too. He’s an ex web dude who has a knack for making stuff happen, and a personality as big as his beard. Here’s the skinny on this guy:   1…

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Where’s The Beard?

The short answer is that it’s still here, and unruly as ever. But if you’re reading this, I’ll make the assumption that your curiosity extends beyond literal implications. Beard &…

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Kelly Wendels, Designer, Hound Creative Agency

Meet Kelly Wendels

We were lucky enough to poach Kelly from a big fancy agency in a rainy city with a skewered UFO in the middle of it. She can rock a layout or frame animation like nobody’s business, but thatR…

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Meet Cyr :: Hound Creative Agency

Meet Cyr

Project Manager, Content Creator, Photographer, and All-Around Good Egg   We’d like to introduce the newest member of our team to those of you who haven’t met her. Cyr is the new hub …

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